Sunday, July 4, 2010

Close to Happiness

"Happiness", the word doesn't mean a big smile on the face but is a never ending quest and an insatiable hunger in any  life. Its got no address or no contact number. We humans fail to tame it.
"Happiness is man's greatest aim in life. Tranquility and rationality are the cornerstones of happiness."  -Epicurus.
Happiness is a state which is only created by us. Its our CHOICE to look for our own ecstasy.

Every morning when i wake up, i think that the day would as good as per my expectations, but then it seldom happens. And whenever this seldom takes place, i am far much more happy because at that moment i don't have any expectations which  get shattered.

Ones expectations only counts for ones happiness.
Lesser the Expectation, More the Happiness. 
Generally people tend to relate happiness with Heart and not with Mind. but that is not the TRUTH.......................
because decision taken only by heart, full of emotions land us in problems. The decision should be aided with some rationality,i.e., what the Mind suggests should also be equally followed. A blend of both should be followed.


  1. why cant you be satisfied?? haa....with one colour? tell tell ;)

  2. it is true. more the expectation less the happiness. but one can't live without expectation but it can be controlled. very well.

  3. I completely agree humans should keep least expectations because it is the way to happiness but in reality exactly opposite takes place as world runs around expectations!!!
    I have got really bad experiences because i expected few things from people!!!

  4. each one of us in dis world has gone thru d filthy experiences in their lives..and dis is d actly d other side of dis world :) BRUTAL but REAL