Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Memories....Erasable ?

"In solitude we give passionate attention to our lives,to our memories, to the details around us"
                                                                                                                                    - Virginia Woolf

For me, memories are those pieces which i like to rearrange in my solitude...
Every experience that we go through in our lives is encoded in our brains. Our unconscious mind has access to all of the memories.
Certainly, memories can be segmented  into - good and bad.
Good memories are those which  have a higher frequency of being recalled by us, just like a dried up flower kept in a book and seen oftenly when turned the pages.
or can say things that were hard to remember are sweet to remember ....
But bad memories are those which many times are termed 'mistakes of life'. Oftenly these haunt and  come to us as nightmares.If taken as the stepping stones,we can effortlessly tag them as our learning lesson and can surely get rid of them....they leave scars,emotional and spiritual.
And i am sure all those reading this, must be right now absorbed in their own such memories..
Neverthless, each one of us got such memories attached to our minds. Surely, we also must have tried to erase it completely..however  folks its not that EASY !
 No matter how far we incorporate pragmatic approach, we cannot get rid of Memories..
At a certain point our minds are hit by such memories and  are taken aback by few of them..
We should try to overcome them, should not be given too much of relevance and hence they will not over power us and will surely contribute to our growth.
"We just want the beauty, but no thorns..." this is no more applicable now, its too obsolete.
However, each moment we  pass through, something beautiful remains, then why don't we remain happy with all the joyfull moments that we get out of them ?
                                    "Life is short, make nice memories,                                     
                                      get some time to visit them,
                                      re-live them in the mind, get
                                      happy and smile ! Life moves,
                                      memories remain !"
                                                                    Cheers !



  1. well wrtn dear g8 job dne.n yes one should enjy life n make good memories by enjyng evry moment of ur life...cheerish life.....

  2. it's true. very much true. well written.

    keep it up. :)

  3. Yes..very beautifully rendered gal! i believe memories play a very confusing role they make you smile when you cried and make you cry when you remember the times you smiled! nice :)

  4. well written...life is short but make it sweet...