Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why did i GROW UP.....?

"Wanna be a kid again" is the most repetitive thought that lingers in my mind every now and then.
The complexities of  youth have made me face the darker side of the life . Like a dried up river,that wishes to be full of heart craves for good old days of childhood.

Sometimes i weep and pray to God,to fill my days once again with the happiness which came to me when  i was a child and take back the sorrows and plight of this brutal adult age....
I really miss those days when i had no knowledge of good or evil because those were the times when i din get any pang after knowing them today.
I think of myself to be very fortunate for the love of my parents is unconditional even today, but i dearly miss the pampering and the constant attention that i was endowed upon with  as  a kid. 
Going to school and playing in sand pit, nagging for the same toy and school bag as my friends..asking everyday mom to be there when the school gets over,making false excuses like stomach ache for getting rid of school and staying back at home with mom dad. "Homeworks" was the biggest task for me....still remember how i use to sneak away by making an excuse that "Mumma i am not able to hold the pencil because i got a cut on my finger today"..lovely were those days.I miss those autracious fancy dress competitions,waiting for my turn in the queue, figidting with my dress and thinking "God, when will my turn come". All these are the sweetest and the most cherishable memories that are inseperable.
However now, we as adults are on this earth,and till the time our mind keeps functioning, we can never feel back the innocence of our childhood days.
We have seen too much of  vices ,wherein people treat  each other so shabbily,devoid of all the emotions.So deliberately or indeliberately,we have to act pragmaticaly or else we know pretty well what will happen to us,if we don't shield ourselves from such heinous stuff.
Today,we being as an adult dont want INNOCENCE  but  INDEPENDENCE !!
We can move forward to the true innocence of a complete trust in the goodness and love of God, and a full and joyous desire do spend our lives doing only what is good and right in order to bring peace and happiness to our fellow human beings.


  1. It brings back memories of my own childhood...and makes me wish..wish and wish for more innocence :)
    very well rendered! gr8 job nehu :)

  2. well wrtn .....miss my childhood days..

  3. good. pulled me back to my childhood days.

  4. thanx :) childhood has given us sum rely golden memories :) miss my childhood dayz a lot !