Friday, July 2, 2010

LIFE "roller coaster ride"

Life,the beautiful gift by Almighty,is a Journey " Only to be discovered" and this WORLD as termed by Shakespeare is 'merely a stage and we are Puppets' .
Its not necessary that with every moment some meaning should be attached,but at that the same time we should try to make it more n more memorable.
Living life for others is another art of living your life. It brings in immense amount of satisfaction and solace.
Sins are definitely the  part of human life.It compels a human to tread on the path of either Vices or Virtues.
So certainly we should always try to overcome them and see d positivity the God has filled in our life.
Sometimes the greatest passion in our life leads us to our most craved desires.
As its rightly been said " When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream".
Emotions and Feelings play a very vital role in human life.Feelings are dominant force in learning.They are powerful and inspiring.They can MAKE or  RUIN any man.Humans fails to deal whenever matters pertaining to emotions roll in.They tend to act either aggressively or fall silent,failing to reciprocate  the feelings.And they often result in taking impulsive decisions of their lives, which is to be repented throughout the life.Thus a point of life comes when our life is merely controlled by FATE.


  1. wow neha.. well done... keep on writing..

  2. nice content,but i feel there are many things in life which a person which comes to us for the first time.
    first impression is not the last impression...

  3. nice thought on life...keep the joy of writing going dear!
    cheers :)

  4. wow. the way you have written, shows how creative you are. you should be with us rather studying advt.

  5. we need creative people in our class ..... kuch hi toh hai lolzz....he he kidding

  6. So certainly we should always try to overcome them and see d positivity d God has filled in our life...this is really nice....optimistic and really true

  7. keep wrtng gal.....ull soon be a knwn copywrtr......